Vacation in Your Mind - Original Framed Acryla Gouache Painting

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Type: Originals

Introducing this colorful cityscape spanning the entire page with various patterns and playful architecture. Inspired by my family's potential trip to Denmark, this piece is a mix between Copenhagen and an old town tropical paradise. The location is completely made up. Just like the one plant coming through the window. I wanted this to be slightly (un)believable.

This piece is REALLY special because I thrifted this picture frame for 49 cents and gave it a makeover using stuff that would normally sit in storage for a long time. I used macrame cord, Rub n Buff, hot glue, fake Christmas berries, and gold paint. It features a fun, whimsical texture. What's even cooler? That's one less picture frame going to a landfill! I love upcycling stuff, and this frame works perfectly with this painting!

Size of Painting: 10.2"x5" 

Size WITH Frame: 11.6"x6.5"

Materials: Arches Watercolor Paper, Holbein Acryla Gouache, and a thrifted frame!

*Hand signed on the back.