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Dice Roll Mystery Sticker Pack

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Type: Stickers

Say hello to a unique mystery sticker bundle game that is entirely determined by luck!

Here’s how the Dice Roll Mystery Sticker Pack works:

  • You will receive a total of 5 stickers.
  • You get 4 mystery stickers that are determined by rolling different dice.
  • The number you roll corresponds to the sticker on your card. For instance, if you roll an 8 on the D20 list, you’d get the 8th sticker down on that list.
  • I will put a check mark next to the sticker that got rolled on your card, so you can see how it all played out! 
  • Every sticker pack comes with an EXCLUSIVE sticker - Strawberry Dream. This sticker is not available anywhere else in my shop, and the only way to get it is by purchasing this sticker pack.
  • There is one chance of receiving a duplicate sticker, Buncha Blooms. If you roll a duplicate, I will reroll so you do not receive a repeat sticker. :)
  • Total: 5 stickers (again, 4 mystery, 1 exclusive)

I will be filming some of these for YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Tiktok, and Reels. By purchasing one of these sticker packs, you MIGHT get a shoutout in one of these videos, but no promises. I will only use first names.

If you purchase multiple sticker packs, you CAN receive duplicate stickers, because this is a game of luck! The only one I am replacing is if you get two Buncha Blooms on a single card. 

I will not accept requests for certain stickers. If you really want a sticker, most of these are available individually in my shop. Some of the stickers on this card have been pulled or retired for the game.

There are only 250 of these available. I am currently working on another card for fall/winter! :)

Dice do NOT come with the sticker packs. This is for stickers ONLY.