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Creature of Stillness - Limited-Edition Print

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Before I started showing my paintings on YouTube in 2011, I started a painting series called Creatures of Peace. This was mainly a hobby for me to process sweet things in life that I wanted to convey through little creatures.

It's been 2-3 years since I've added onto this series, and I am so excited to introduce Creature of Stillness. With hustle culture pushing productivity as a token of self-worth, I want to go against the grain and proclaim your worth is so much more than that. Rest is good. We need rest. In fact, rest can be productive. Being still allows us to delight in little things, like sun rays kissing our cheeks in a forest. Being still allows us to process what we're feeling and declutter our minds. Being still allows us to practice gratitude. Being still is beautiful. I hope this round little creature appreciating a little moment in nature makes you feel okay with being still.  :)

Size (includes white border): 8.5x8.5" (Reich Savoy Heavy Cotton Cardstock)

There are 75 limited-edition prints available. 

*Hand signed and numbered on the back.