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Handmade Paint Blotting Rag

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Type: Stickers
Color - Natural

Where handmade meets functional.

Indulge in a knitted, aesthetically pleasing paint blotting rag. Over the winter when life slows down, I often find myself knitting. Last year, I became frustrated with how many paper towels I consumed as an artist, and sought to eliminate as much waste in the studio as possible. I began knitting these adorable paint blotting rags, and can't really remember the last time I used a paper towel while painting! 

Obviously I cannot use all of the blotters I knitted, so I'm listing them in my shop and hoping this blesses you! This was a small "for fun" project, so I don't have many, but I will probably add some when the weather gets cold again. 

Because this is a handmade item, each one  may have imperfections that make them beautiful and unique. Each one may vary in size, although most are around 5"x5". Upon my experimentation, this size is compact enough to fit in small spaces, while being large enough to hold several paint brushes.

*Due to fire hazards, I do NOT recommend using this product for oil paint and mineral spirits. I use mine for acrylics, acryla gouache, gouache, and watercolor.

Materials: macrame cord