Coastal Dream - Rolled Canvas Limited-Edition Print

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From the shores of Maui to the sands of the Florida gulf coast, Coastal Dream was born. After swimming in the waves and snorkeling to see beneath the surface, I knew I had to capture these sweet moments of my times at the ocean. One day, I would paint these cherished memories. Sure enough, the paintings began. The Coastal Dream collection features some of my favorite moments from Hawaii and Florida. Two oceans colliding to become a part of one big dreamy painting marathon. This collection holds memories of getting away, forgetting about day-to-day troubles, and focusing on the present. Hardships are temporary, like waves. But even good things, like vacations, don't last forever. That's the beauty of life. I wanted to capture some little blips of goodness sprinkled in my timeline, hoping that those little moments bring sweetness to your timeline too. :)

Size: 20"x20" on rolled canvas. No white border.

All prints are hand-signed and numbered on the back. This print is part of a limited-edition run, and only 20 prints will be available.

This print is HUGE. Because of that, if you order additional prints, they may have to ship in two separate packages. You will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number via email.

*Colors may vary slightly from the photos.