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Calm and Mighty - Limited-Edition Print

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Attracting people to shores from around the globe, waves have a unique way of luring people in. Perhaps it's the rhythmic, sounds of crashing into the sand that bring comfort to our ears. Nature's box fan. Maybe it's the show of sea foam once the wave existed for a short blip, then disappeared with a bang. For the daring, maybe it's catching a good wave with a surf board and riding it out. Whatever draws you in, I'm sure you've thought about how waves can be both calm and mighty. Terrifying. Mysterious. Beautiful. That is why I love to paint the ocean! I hope you enjoy this piece. :)

Size: 8"x8" on heavy cotton cardstock (includes small white border)

All prints are hand-signed and numbered on the back. This print is part of a limited-edition run, and only 50 prints will be available.

Print does not included any of the frames or hanging apparatuses shown. Only comes with the print.