Artsy Celebration - Quilted Pencil Pouch/Cosmetic Bag

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Bring on the pastels! Introducing an elegant, functional pencil case designed specifically with artists in mind. With thick, quilted material, this case boasts both durability and a happy pastel pattern - for artists - made by Mira. Carrying travel size watercolor palettes? No longer a hassle. Want to bring a bunch of markers with you to a coffee shop? Game on! Gone are the days of puny pencil cases. Say hello to a large pencil case that puts practicality at the forefront.

I spent years searching for the perfect pencil case, and found that I constantly had to have two pencil cases at once if I wanted to fit all my stuff. After enough struggle, I decided to make one myself. This pencil case is plush, durable, cute, and best of all: it meets my needs. I am confident it will meet your needs too!

This bag is fully lined, and is also great for cosmetics. It can fit your makeup and skincare routine fairly easily!

Approximate Size: 8"x4.5"x4.25"