Playful Conservatory - Limited Edition Print
Playful Conservatory - Limited Edition Print

Playful Conservatory - Limited Edition Print

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Enjoy the whimsy of botanicals sprinkled inside and outside this playful greenhouse!

This painting was made because my mom's small business has been destroyed by Hurricane Ian. She sold plants for a living on Etsy and was planning to move everything over to Shopify right before the hurricane. A greenhouse was recently built in her backyard, but before my mom could fill it with plants and get everything listed on Shopify, the storm came through and destroyed everything. She took damage to her home as well, so it's a really heartbreaking situation. I'm selling these limited-edition prints to help her raise money for a new greenhouse and to get her business up and running again. My mom has always been so supportive of my brother and me. I want to support her in her dream to continue selling her beautiful plants again, because it brings her so much joy. 💜 

Most of the proceeds from this print will go toward her new greenhouse and the restoration of plants/supplies that got destroyed from Hurricane Ian (minus what it costs to print them and shipping supplies). 

Also, check out my mom on Instagram @the_nauti_botanist - she is working hard to get her business up and running again! She'll be selling beautiful plants at very soon!

Size: 5x7"

This is a limited-edition print run. There are a total of 100 prints available. Hand signed and numbered on the back.

Material: 118 lb Reich Savoy - Acid Free - Uncoated Textured Heavy Cardstock - Cotton

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