Cozy Mystery Box

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The cozy mystery box is finally here! Carefully and intentionally made to bring you a sense of coziness and creativity. Each standard Cozy Box is fun because it's a partial mystery!

⭐️ What's inside the standard box?!

  • 1 Artist Pencil Case
  • 1 Cozy Bear Notepad
  • 2 Mystery Prints (there's a pool of ten possible prints that these are chosen from at random)
  • 1 Artist Vinyl Sticker
  • 1 Cozy Blubblefly Vinyl Sticker
  • 1 Mystery Vinyl Sticker

There is a special item that you *might* get in the standard box if you're lucky though - a holographic version of my Elated limited-edition print. There are only 75 of them, and there are 200 total boxes. This item was once offered in my shop as a limited-edition cotton print that sold out immediately, but so many people have requested I restock it. This is a very special and FINAL release!

Bundles like this are really cool. Here's what you'd pay for every item if you were to buy them individually:

  • Pencil Case $16
  • Stickers $3.25 each
  • Notepad: $4.25
  • Prints: $9 each

Price of standard box: $48

This box gets you a lot of cool limited-edition items for a discount. Please do not request which stickers or prints you want. Everything is chosen at random, and that's part of the fun!