Change - Limited-Edition Print

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Change can be refreshing, sad, bittersweet, scary, or a convoluted layer of emotions that can be hard to process. Moving to a new town. Starting your first year of college. Trying a new cuisine. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet. Or maybe simply watching the sun change positions in the sky. The beauty of capturing change in nature is it usually offers a sense of peace and a reminder to pause. Have you paused lately to appreciate the beauty around you? How do you feel about change?

I made this painting in 2022 when summer slid into autumn. I was ready for the coziness, but wasn't ready to say goodbye to the flowers. That's when I realized we can appreciate the tension between different seasons of life. We have a moment to experience both things before transitioning into what lies ahead.

Sizes (includes white border): 8.5x8.5" (Reich Savoy Heavy Cotton Cardstock)

There are 30 limited-edition prints in this run. It will not be reproduced in the future.

*Hand signed and numbered on the back.